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Arrested or charged with a crime in the Tampa area? You need a lawyer who knows how to look at the facts surrounding your arrest and the evidence against you and formulate a strategy designed to win your case.

When You Need a Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer

Is someone you love in trouble with the law? You need help from someone with the skills needed to quickly and favorably resolve criminal charges.

Is a family member sitting in jail? You need a lawyer who can help protect their constitutional rights and get them out of jail as soon as possible.

When your life, freedom and future are at stake, you need help from someone with experience in defending people in the criminal justice system. We offer criminal defense for people charged with serious crimes such as murder, drug trafficking, felony DUI and fraud.


Coming to Your Defense with the Service and Attention You Want

We are committed to providing you with information in a language you can understand. We return your phone calls as soon as possible, answer your questions, and provide frequent updates on your case.


Searching for a DUI Attorney?

If you have been arrested for drunk driving (DUI), money laundering, or any other criminal offense, you need immediate and aggressive representation to protect your rights and secure the most positive resolution.

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