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Florida family law attorney John Cullum is driven to excel on behalf of his clients, especially when it appears that success for those clients may be a challenge or even against the odds. This drive has been exemplified by the success of his clients in contested child custody and alimony cases.

This drive has been proven in cases where other attorneys have expressed disbelief in the possibility of success for the client. This drive has been apparent to client after client facing a difficult road ahead. This drive can be put to work for you. His devotion to his practice and clients transforms seemingly negative circumstances into sustainable solutions for the family.

When to Contact a Family Law Attorney

If you are facing the difficult challenges of a divorce various legal issues may arise such as child support and visitation, alimony and/or property division. You need to speak with a trusted attorney concerning these marital and family law matters, please contact the law offices of John Cullum in Tampa to recieve your free legal consultation.

Tampa divorce attorney John Cullum received his law degree from the Walter F. George School of Law at Mercer University in 1986 and has owned his law practice since 1988. He has practiced Family law in Florida and Georgia for over twenty years.

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